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In Which I Defend the Kardashians.

Yeah, I’m going there.

So, Kim Kardashian simply posted a photograph of herself (SHOCKING) on The Instagram and everybody misplaced their fucking minds over it. Even I was sort of like “rattling son” however then I moved on with my life in contrast to the 139,000 individuals who felt it needed to go away a remark.


Here’s the image:



Naturally, the caption is “When you are like I don’t have anything to put on LOL”. The solely factor that bothers me about this photograph is the shortage of punctuation. I imply, I cannot actually speak as my grammar expertise are void of fleek, however come on Kim.

Here’s the factor. You know what I discover MORE annoying than the precise Kardashian/Jenner clan? The individuals who HATE the Kardashian/Jenner clan. I do not know should you haters understand this, however you’re doing nothing to cease the Kardenners from present within the highlight. Kim has sixty two.H million followers on Instagram and forty one.O million followers on Twitter. And I’d put $one hundred down that a LOT of these followers are individuals who hate her. People who need to simply put her on blast for all of the dumb shit/provocative photographs she posts. If you simply take a look at the feedback part on any of her pictures on Instagram, it is principally individuals ripping her a brand new one.

She, and the remainder of the crew, feed off this shit. You know what would truly drive the Kardenners fucking nuts? NOT. RESPONDING.

I understand that hating the Kardenners and every thing they stand for is of the norm, however the haters are louder than the individuals who truly do like them. If everybody simply shut the fuck up about them, they could go away. (Seems unlikely, however you by no means know.)

You know who I do not comply with on social media? PEOPLE I DON’T LIKE.

What’s the purpose? Why infuriate myself with day by day posts on celebrities I do not look after and have all of them up on my newsfeed? Are individuals simply so filled with rage that they should discover well-known individuals to deflect their anger onto? WHY?

Don’t just like the present?
Don’t watch it.
Don’t just like the Kardenners’ fixed selfies/boob photographs/lack of clothes pictures?
Stop following them.
Don’t like seeing them within the magazines?
Don’t purchase it or WILD SUGGESTION HERE: Don’t learn the web page they’re on.
Hate when Buzzfeed options an article on them?
Don’t fucking click on the goddamn article. RISE ABOVE AND SCROLL PAST IT.

Like, you guys. It’s not that onerous to keep away from the Kardenners. If you actually REALLY get that labored up over simply seeing them on the duvet of a magazine or on Yahoo! News, you’ve gotten points, sweetheart. As a lot as I cannot fucking stand Donald Trump, I’m not going to soften right into a tiny ball of intense anger each single time I see an image of him with considered one of his insane quotes. Because I simply do not care that a lot. My life doesn’t revolve round The Ridiculous Obsession With Celebrities and thank Christ for that.

Besides, there are MANY different points that folks ought to be screaming about than Kim Kardashian displaying off her bare ass physique.



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