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22 Things That Are Super Wrong With ‘Batman v Superman’

Warner Bros.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” had every little thing it wanted to make an amazing film: superheroes. And numerous them. But one thing occurred alongside the best way. Perhaps Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) was secretly behind it. 

Meh … then once more, in all probability not. His plans are ridiculous and do not make sense.

Anyway, regardless of the early hype, critiques of the film got here out, they usually have not been stellar. So what went fallacious? Well, listed here are 22 issues, for starters:

(Warning! Major “Batman v Superman” spoilers.)

M. The identify Martha.

Everyone has a weak spot. Superman (Henry Cavill) has kryptonite. Batman (Ben Affleck) has … his mother’s identify? More on that later as a result of this film is obsessive about the identify Martha.

P. Everywhere something occurs is probably going uninhabited. There are not any individuals anyplace!

Don’t fear. There’s no repeat of the destruction from “Man of Steel” right here. No make-consider individuals have been harmed within the making of this movie. If something blows up, we’re repeatedly reassured everybody’s OK. Repeatedly.

O. Everyone appears to assume Superman shot a bunch of individuals.

Yeah, Superman should’ve killed all these individuals. That darn Man of Steel with all his weapons, proper? Hah, typical Superman.

A. Batman’s dream a few big bat.

After a fast reminder that the identify Martha is essential (thanks, y’all, ‘trigger we forgot already), an enormous bat-like monster comes at Batman. Sure. Why not? This might be the least complicated dream within the film.

H. Batman’s dream about different flying monsters.

Warner Bros.

Unfortunately, that big bat dream made an excessive amount of sense, so it was time so as to add in some flying monsters teasing potential villain Darkseid. But don’t be concerned, no want for any rationalization.

It’s simply too dangerous they could not throw within the identify Martha a couple of occasions right here. #MissedOpportunity

S. Seriously, how a lot does Batman sleep?

Is this entire film a dream sequence? Are these all visions? Have all of us been incepted? This is all your fault, Leo.

S. Wait … was that The Flash? … gosh, I hope not.

The Flash appears to faucet into the facility of Speed Force and present up in a dream (in fact) to inform Batman one thing about Lois Lane, however you possibly can barely make out what he is making an attempt to say, and none of it appears related.

Dude is both saying, “Lois is the important thing” or “I gotta pee.”

H. Quick reminder: Martha! Martha! Martha!

N. Quick reminder: There’s no individuals anyplace.

No one is getting harm, and individuals are nonetheless named Martha. Noted.

10. “I’m not a woman. I’m a journalist.”

Yeah, you inform ’em, Amy Adams.

“This is a women’ room. I cannot use this. Where’s your restroom for journalists?”

eleven. Batman will get a bunch of indignant letters. One says one thing like this:

Whoa! Are there ghosts on this film, too? Scary.

12. Sure, the world is about to finish, however that may wait. Wonder Woman must examine her e-mail. 

Image: Tumblr

Right when issues are build up, the film takes a fast intermission from the plot as Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) receives an e-mail from Batman. It has stolen information from Lex Luthor and introduces movies of future Justice League members, however the entire scene does not have something to do with what is going on on.

If Batman despatched her a bunch of cat movies as an alternative, it will’ve appeared extra related. At least we might be like, “Oh, they each like cats. Meow this film’s getting good.”

Plus, uh, has Wonder Woman ever used a pc earlier than? Because it type of looks like she has no concept what she’s doing.

Comment from dialogue in_Gambit_we_trust’s remark from dialogue "Official Discussion – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice [SPOILERS]".

I keep in mind my first e mail …

thirteen. After an intense struggle scene, Batman and Superman understand their mothers are each named Martha. Suddenly, they’re BFFs.

Oh, in order that’s why the film retains repeating “Martha.” OK. Got it.

… and that is when just a little a part of me died.

14. Batman saves Superman’s mother and is all like, “I’m a pal of your son.”

No. No. No. No. No. 

You’re not associates. Your mothers are each simply named Martha. That’s it. Your mothers are simply named Martha!

15. Yep. There’s Doomsday’s butt. 

“OK, let’s zoom in, and simply maintain proper there on that butt, guys. Perfect,” stated somebody on the set, in all probability. 

sixteen. But… there’s solely a butt.

Comment from dialogue Curry730’s remark from dialogue "Official Discussion – Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice [SPOILERS]".

Well, at the very least it lastly explains why he is so mad.

17. Superman will get nuked in area. It’s cool although, he is wonderful in like 5 minutes.

In reality, let’s simply overlook that occurred. Like loads of issues on this film, it is not likely necessary. Moving on…

18. Sure, we’re in the midst of an enormous battle, however it completely is sensible that Superman stops and hears Lois Lane drowning underneath some rubble. Uh, why is she right here once more?

And so long as we’re right here, we’d as nicely speak about love for a bit, proper? We may as nicely …

19. Harry Potter’s mother and father do not seem when Doomsday and Superman’s powers lock.

Image: Bustle

Another #MissedOpportunity.

20. Vin Diesel does not seem through the random automotive chase or all the opposite scenes that remind you of the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

He does not have superheroes. He’s obtained household.

21. Batman visits Lex Luthor in jail and says stuff about discovering him wherever he goes.

Uh, he is in jail, dude. Mission completed. 

Also, Lex retains saying, “Ding, ding, ding.” Please cease that.

22. Whoa. Our mothers are each named Martha?


Ugh. We understand how you are feeling, Ben. We understand how you are feeling …

“Batman v Superman” is in theaters now.

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