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12 High School Movie Scenes We Can All Relate To

How many individuals have you learnt that pulled a Ferris Bueller and turned a day of enjoying hooky into probably the most epic journey ever? Yeah, in all probability not many. High faculty wasn’t the kind of epic journey Hollywood typically leads us to consider.

But typically Hollywood truly will get it proper, giving us scenes with all of the awkwardness that comes together with these pivotal 4 years — the intercourse-ed courses, the events, the alcohol experimentation and even the overall disdain for folks. 

Below, we have put collectively an inventory of 12 highschool film scenes that talk to our teenage selves — the scenes that we will all relate to. 


B. The intercourse-ed class in “Mean Girls” 

OK, so your phys-ed instructor might not have been as inept as Coach Carr (or perhaps they have been) however we have all been by way of no less than one terribly awkward intercourse-ed class. We’re nonetheless scarred from the reminiscences of getting to learn aloud about durations and condoms as preteens. 


P. “Freaky Friday” — “You’re ruining my life!” 

Pretty a lot each teenager, at one level or one other, has advised a mum or dad they’re ruining their life, identical to Lindsay Lohan in “Freaky Friday.” If you say you have not, you are in all probability mendacity. 


O. The “Clueless” celebration scene

Amy Heckerling’s “Clueless” completely captured the vibe of principally each highschool celebration. Awkward teenage flirting, somebody spilling beer, a preventing couple, and a ruined shoe. Seriously, we misplaced rely of the variety of occasions our shoes obtained both coated in booze, mud or simply went lacking at events (in highschool and past). 


A. Spicoli vs. Mr. Hand in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”

There was all the time that one child who did principally nothing all through their complete highschool profession like Spicoli. 


H. Jules and Shirley asking Seth to purchase them booze in “Superbad”

Whether you have been asking your older-wanting pal with a pretend ID to purchase you booze, otherwise you have been that good friend with the pretend ID, this state of affairs was a reasonably commonplace method of getting alcohol in highschool. It was both that or stealing out of your mother and father’ liquor cupboard. 


S. Spreading rumors in “Easy A” 

If there’s one factor youngsters are good at, it is spreading rumors. You might not have had telephones or the Internet in highschool, besides, the rumor mill was all the time buzzing. 


S. Amanda tries to seek out Preston in “Can’t Hardly Wait” 

This scene is principally the epitome of what occurs whenever you attempt to ask a drunk (and perhaps stoned) excessive schooler for any info. You get nothing.


H. Kat getting means too drunk in “10 Things I Hate About You” 

We’ve all been there — consuming approach an excessive amount of at a celebration, leaving us stumbling round. Sure, we’d not have been fortunate sufficient to have Heath Ledger (S.I.G.) comforting us, however Julia Stiles’ portrayal of younger drunkenness is fairly spot-on. 


N. The love scene in “The Spectacular Now”

Whether you truly skilled your first time in highschool or not, there is a good probability it was fairly awkward. In “The Spectacular Now,” Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller do such a very good job at capturing the weirdness that so typically comes with intercourse however is not all the time portrayed in fashionable media. Bonus factors for truly selling condom use. 


10. Torrance’s mortifying bare stress dream in “Bring It On” 

Your goals won’t include you cheering in entrance of your complete faculty within the nude, however stress can do loopy issues to an individual. Who hasn’t dreamed about going to class with out pants on, or giving that massive assembly at work with spinach throughout your tooth? 


eleven. The “Carrie” change room scene

Obviously, you in all probability have not skilled a scene fairly as traumatic as this one from the unique “Carrie,” however hear us out: going by way of puberty in entrance of all of your friends is mortifying. It’s additionally one thing that occurs to actually everybody. And when you might not have been bombarded by the meanest classmates in historical past the primary time you bought your interval or an erection, you in all probability skilled that feeling of wanting to twist up in a ball and conceal. 


12. Basically each a part of “Dazed and Confused” 

Even with its very unfastened plot, “Dazed and Confused” manages to seize the essence of being a reckless teenager with just about no obligations who additionally thinks about life past highschool. Picking only one scene was too arduous, however we do love the cruising montage.  

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