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How to Help The Bees: Build a Mason Bee House

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Wondering how one can help in bee conservation? Learn how right here…

Buzzing between bursts of spring flowers, you may spy one… a flash of shortly shifting wings, chubby physique suspended with legs laden in pollen. Busily doing what they’ve accomplished for millennia, these industrious little creatures of black and yellow might sound plentiful, however in actuality their numbers are mysteriously dwindling. With the flip of winter to spring, the bees are again, albeit in a lot smaller numbers. Responsible for bringing us B out of each A spoonfuls of meals we so fortunately eat, honeybees and their ilk are too shortly turning into a uncommon species as their colonies collapse and their numbers dwindle.

Hive collapse and the mass disappearance of bees has been attributed to every little thing from pesticides to local weather change to GMO crops, however whereas the explanations for his or her falling numbers should be a thriller, the dire penalties of the state of affairs are all too clear. While grains like wheat and corn don’t require assistance from bees to develop and produce meals, virtually all of our non-grain vegatables and fruits require the work of bees to pollinate them. A desk with out the harvest created by bees can be a really drab one certainly, minus the colourful colours and deep vitamin of fruit and veggies, missing the burst of blooms you may in any other case show as your centerpiece. The excellent news is, no matter whether or not the place you name home is the town or nation, there are methods in which you’ll be able to assist the bees. Besides switching to chemical-free, all-pure fertilizers for outside crops; not pulling up your “weeds” (dandelion and clover are a bee’s greatest good friend); and selecting native, sustainable, and natural meals, planting bee-pleasant flowers and flowering herbs is among the best methods to roll out the welcome mat for bees, encouraging them to populate and pollinate your neighborhood. A few bee favorites you may need to think about including to your backyard or window bins:




Besides planting herbs and flowers, one other nice solution to encourage bee populations in your space is to become involved with an area beekeeping group or apiary. However, if beekeeping isn’t for you, there’s another approach to assist the solitary bees that frequent your neighborhood. Called ‘Mason Bees’, you could have encountered these free-roaming bees and their nests earlier than (there are over 300 species of solitary bee throughout the Northern hemisphere). Known for creating their houses inside hole reeds or holes created by different wooden-boring bugs, mason bees construct their shelters utilizing mud as an alternative of cohabitating with different bees in a hive. After rising from their nests — males emerge first — the feminine begins gathering pollen inside her tubular home in anticipation of laying eggs. Once sufficient pollen has been saved, the feminine bee backs into the tube and lays an egg. She then builds a mud partition and lays one other egg — feminine eggs within the again, male eggs within the entrance — persevering with the method till the tube is crammed and it’s time to go in quest of a brand new home for herself (unbiased lady that she is). While they don’t produce honey like other forms of bees, mason bees are an integral a part of protecting the eco-system operating easily and constructing them a welcoming place to put their eggs is a simple method to help. Learn tips on how to make a mason bee house (a bee bnb!) under:

Mason Bee A-Frame House


Wood (three H″x H″ x B/A″ inch items)

Hollow reeds or tubes (I used bamboo, obtainable at most backyard provide shops)

Water-proof glue or small nails



Cut your wooden into three items of equal size. Trim the reeds or bamboo to the identical width because the wooden.

Assemble the wooden right into a triangle or A-body construction, utilizing the glue or small nails to safe in place.

Place the reeds contained in the A-body to fill the area. You also can create tubes from cardboard to intersperse with the reeds for various-sized vessels.

Add the attention-hook to the middle of the highest of the construction and loop the rope via. Hang close to your backyard or flowering timber to welcome pollinating mason bees all through the summer.

+ How are you serving to the bees this season? Be positive to share within the feedback!

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