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Matthew McConaughey’s Doppelgänger Is Someone’s Great-Great-Grandfather

Either Matthew McConaughey has a brand new doppelgänger or he by some means received sucked into that black gap in “Interstellar” and traveled again in time.

You select which one is extra believable. 

Redditor EmberRainbow, whose actual identify in line with ABC News is Sanders Parker, shared what seems to be an previous photograph of his alleged nice-nice-grandfather on-line due to his startling resemblance to the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor. 

My Great Great Grand-father appears identical to Matthew McConaughey

“The likeness is uncanny. It was too good to not share,” Parker informed ABC News. “His identify was Dr. Andrew Sanders, and he is additionally the place I get my namesake from … Apparently he was the person.”

Parker’s sister found the photograph after their uncle posted the picture on Facebook and observed the resemblance. But this is not the primary time a McConaughey double has surfaced. Back in 2011, The Daily Beast shared a photograph of a Civil War soldier bearing many similarities to the actor. 

And for these crying Photoshop-foul, Parker guarantees that the photograph is not doctored. 

“I know it is exhausting to consider within the Photoshop age that this is not altered, nevertheless it actually is straight up unique,” he stated. “I assume Redditors do fairly good detective work. They’d undoubtedly discover me out. And my household isn’t savvy sufficient to aim that.” 

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