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A Moon Ritual For Friday’s Full Moon

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Today we sit down with information Maggie Harrsen to study extra about trendy shamanic therapeutic and the way we will extra mindfully welcome the complete moon.

is an Energy Medicine Practitioner inspiring beings to uncover their true nature and supporting them in a life-style of concord and in rhythm with Pachamama, Mother Earth. Maggie started learning the therapeutic arts in 2008 and at this time her work integrates a variety of nurturing practices together with Andean Mysticism, Shamanism, Usui Reiki, Sound Healing, Nutrition, Anthroposophy, Medical Radiesthesia and Flower Healing. She presently lives and works on the East End of New York, providing ceremony and particular person therapeutic periods for ladies, males and youngsters. She will probably be main our FP Escapes retreat to this September, guiding visitors via ceremony and rituals from all over the world. Today, we discover ways to illuminate the shadows and purify utilizing the facility of the complete moon…

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What does it imply to be a drugs lady within the modern-day world?

I consider at coronary heart, all drugs ladies are nice seekers of Truth. Whether these people have been born right into a household of healers or they acquired an initiation by means of the best way of their soul, I really feel they’ve all developed their inside capacities and are capable of really see a human being as they’re whereas holding an area of affection for them to awaken the very important pressure that lives inside. In our modern-day world I help people in therapeutic themselves and aligning with the pure world for wellbeing by means of shamanic therapeutic, power drugs and ceremony. These days I am introduced again to my youngster-like beliefs in magic, in alchemy – wanting on the world as somewhat one does and rooted within the knowledge of a strong lineage of beings who as soon as walked the Earth. I stroll this path as an honor to my ancestors and to future generations, in service to the wellbeing and soul evolution of all dwelling beings.

Can you inform our readers a bit concerning the lineage you’ve studied?

My path is rooted within the Andean Mystical custom of the V’ero lineage of the Peruvian Andes, the “youngsters of the Inka”. A lineage of beings who’ve maintained a religious custom drawing their knowledge from the Earth – the female power of Pachamama, our Cosmic Mother. I was initiated into the Andean path by Juan Nuñez del Prado within the Inka custom and I am a Mesa service of the V’ero lineage. My formal coaching honors the lineage of three Andean Master’s Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Melchor Desa and Don Andes Espinosa. The Karpays, energetic initiations/transmissions, I have acquired are the seeds from which a person might develop new methods of being. My seeds have grown and inform me energetically as I am devoted to nurturing them by means of my every day practices and lifestyle. My Mesa is a drugs bundle consisting of a handwoven material of pure threads which incorporates energy objects from sacred websites around the globe and drugs stones referred to as Khuyas used for shifting power in service of therapeutic. These stones have been instrumental in my personal therapeutic and have been blessed by my academics and the drugs women and men of the V’ero Nation.


What is a typical therapeutic session like?

During a therapeutic session I supply from a variety of nurturing practices together with: Andean Mysticism, Shamanism, Usui Reiki, Sound Healing, Anthroposophy, Medical Radiesthesia, and Flower Healing. A session is exclusive to the human being, which means I’ve by no means had two therapeutic periods that unfolded in the identical means. However my intent stays fixed, to carry area for the person as we permit the physique’s personal innate means to heal itself. The session takes place both inside an area or outdoors in nature. The shopper will lay comfortably on the bottom or Earth with blankets and pillows and I will sit by their aspect. I will start getting ready sacred area, utilizing the smoke of the plant spirit Palo Santo and different numerous rituals. I will gently information the shopper right into a relaxed place of stillness and openness. They will stay laying down – resting and specializing in their breath all through the ceremony. Individually we’ll set our intention after which collectively go into an altered state of consciousness via the vibration of sound. I use firming, chanting, rattling, drumming and numerous bells and chimes. As the healer, I journey outdoors of time and area, appearing as a bridge between the person and Spirit to know what’s inflicting their present state of dis-concord. Based on the knowledge that comes ahead, we transfer by way of numerous methods to deliver the human being again into stability. As we shut the session we every share any visions, sensations or experiences. At this time I might recommend numerous practices together with rituals, meditations, dietary options, natural baths and vibrational cures which can proceed to help their therapeutic course of. Shamanic therapeutic works properly as complementary drugs alongside different therapeutic modalities – akin to Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy, to call a couple of.


You’ll be main workshops on our retreat to Andalusia. Can you give our readers an concept of what attendees can anticipate out of your workshops and educating?

During , we’ll discover mysticism and native methods to align ourselves with the pure world. Together we’ll domesticate our internal human capacities that may raise the veil which separates us from religious information. We will discover the Andean Cosmovision, the Earth-centered religious custom of the V’eros, and convey these methods of being to life on the traditional land of Andalusia. We will work with the elementals – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether by means of ceremony. You will study your delicate anatomy and methods to look after it by means of particular person and group energetic practices. You will immediately expertise shamanic drum journeys the place we join with Spirit for perception and therapeutic. My intent for our time collectively is that you’ll depart Spain figuring out the right way to create ceremony for your self, family members and your group, in addition to be accustomed to numerous rituals that may simply be included into your day by day life.

Lastly, what does free imply to you?

Living in concord with all of life – figuring out that every part which exists is alive and has a spirit.


Moon Ceremony

When we glance into the lifestyle of many indigenous cultures, together with the V’eros within the excessive Andes of Peru, we discover that from delivery these people set up a loving relationship with the beings of nature. Just as we have now a delivery Mother and Father within the bodily world, we’re additionally in shut relationship with the various ethereal beings who encompass us within the pure world. These beings are the clouds, rivers, stones, flowers, stars, timber and mountains, who’re all a part of an enormous Cosmovision. More particularly, we all know these beings as our Cosmic Mother and Father and the elementals – Earth, Sun, Sea, Wind and Moon. For the indigenous ones, dwelling in “proper relationship” with nature is important for wellbeing, simply as a lot as consuming and sleeping. They perceive these forces live beings in order we type an intimate bond with our delivery Mother we should additionally prolong this relationship to incorporate our Cosmical Mother, Pachamama, You could also be questioning, “How do I start to type these relationships?” and one reply is, by way of ceremony. The first ceremony I discovered taught me the way to join with the female power of Mother Moon, both on the New Moon or Full Moon. A New Moon is the lunar part when she is at the side of the Sun and almost invisible from the Earth. It symbolizes alignment with our internal fact and presents a strong time for manifestation. A Full Moon is the lunar part that happens when she is illuminated from the Earth and in opposition with the Sun. It symbolizes illumination of the shadow, a time for purification. During your ceremony you’ll study to create a sacred area, to honor and join with the world of Spirit and to broaden your consciousness by way of ritual. Keep in thoughts you might all the time modify steps and nice significance lies in following your instinct. This is an exquisite ceremony to create by yourself or within the firm of family members.

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-Palo santo, white sage, sweetgrass or cedar
Personal sacred objects
-Cornmeal or dried flower petals
-Flowers of the season
-Three small strips of paper + a pencil
-Music or instrument, flute, rattle, drum or bells
-Large shell, or stoneware bowl



B. Collect your parts and any personal objects which might be sacred for you – a local artifact out of your travels, stones or crystals, a present from a beloved, items that characterize the Universal parts (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ether) and crops or flower blossoms of the season.

P. Choose a spot in nature, or in your home the place you possibly can quiet your self and enter right into a state of stillness. Play soothing music and as you would like, organize the weather you collected and gently mild the candle.

A. Ignite the palo santo or plant of selection from the candle’s flame and use it to cleanse the power area of your physique and the area you’ve got chosen. If you’re with others, one individual will maintain the burning plant and purify the opposite beings with its smoke. You might take pleasure in utilizing a feather from a winged one. At this time open sacred area, with devices in hand you might sing a track or recite a prayer.

A. Sit or lay upon the Earth, or floor, to root your self and join with the nourishing vibration of Mother Earth. Slow your respiration and take a second to faucet into this connection. Feel your coronary heart beating in union with all of life.

H. As you are feeling relaxed, write in phrases your three intentions on the strips of paper. Taking observe that if it’s a New Moon you’re working with the power of manifestation and if it’s a Full Moon you’re working with the power of purification.

S. When you end, select the intention you want to start with. Holding it in each arms, repeat the intention 3 times and with the third repetition inhale and direct your breath out and into the paper. Carefully maintain your paper into the flame and permit the hearth component to burn it utterly till turning into ash. Then gently place the ash into the shell or stoneware bowl. Be aware of the component hearth and its energy.

S. Repeat the method for all three items of paper. If you’re amongst a small group of people, type a circle and permit every individual to individually undergo this course of. During this time the others will stay quiet whereas holding area for the one connecting. It is good to drum or rattle throughout this time as these vibrations create a nest of help.

H. When everybody has accomplished, take a second to precise your gratitude to Mother Moon, Mother Fire and the character spirits. Relight a bit of palo santo as a closing and place it in the midst of the circle on a stone. With each arms convey the therapeutic smoke into your coronary heart middle, then convey your arms collectively over your coronary heart.

N. At this time shut sacred area by thanking the Spirit world and releasing the elementals. At final, individually place the ash onto Pachamama, our Cosmic Earth Mother, expressing your gratitude for her therapeutic. Finish by leaving her an providing of cornmeal or dried flower petals.

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